The shooting competition is held from an air gun in the men and women category.

 A series-produced air pistol is used. The organizing committee provides guns.

Each team has three competitors. All three competitors participate in the competition.

Each competitor shoots for a placement with 10 shots, and is previously entitled to 5 trial shots.

From the moment the competition starts, the targets change after 5 trial shots have been fired.

The competition is conducted by a judge, followed by a delegate designated by the competition committee.

Immediately prior to the start of the competition, teams must be registered on the form provided. Each competitor during the competition has 15 minutes to fire 5 trial and 10 placement shots.

The persons in charge of the competition determine how the targets will be marked.

During the competition, the referee evaluates the result of each competitor. For all cases not covered by these rules, the rules of the Montenegrin Shooting Federation shall apply.

Collecting the results of all the contestants will give you a team ranking.



The team captain submits to the delegate a list of team members.

Individual placement is determined on the basis of the individual achievement of the competitor.

Team placement by discipline is determined by summing the results of all competitors.

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