The team has 3 competitors, and it takes place in the category of men and women. The team has no replacement. The match cannot start unless one of the teams or both teams has 3 competitors each. The match is interrupted if there are less than two competitors in one of the teams. In this case, the rival team is declared the winner. Change of place is mandatory. It is played in two sets. The winner is the team that first scores 21 points. In the event that a team scores 21 points and a rival has one point less, the match will continue until one of the teams has made two points difference. For all that is not foreseen in these regulations, the official rules of the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro will apply.



The team captain submits to the delegate a list of team members.

Individual placement is determined on the basis of the individual achievement of the competitor.

Team placement by discipline is determined by summing the results of all competitors.

Organising Committee


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