The team has 8 players (4 + 1 in the game and 3 reserves).

The matches in precompetition last 2 x 13 minutes with a half-time break of 5 minutes. There are 4 players + goalie for one team. If during the game, due to the exclusion of individual players or other reasons, the team stays with less than 4 players, the match is permanently interrupted and registered with the official result 3:0, if the result at interruption is not favorable for the opposing team, so the match is registered by the result at interruption .

Players must be equipped with sports equipment when they enter the field. The corner kick from the goalie does not apply. The goalkeeper is not allowed to catch the ball without the teammate returning it. The goalkeeper is not allowed to deploy the ball through the center if the ball was in the goal car.

Offside rules do not apply.

Player swaps are flying, ie. the substitute player must leave and the substitute enters the pitch in the substitution zone for the replacement procedure to be correct. Failure to do so will result in a 2-minute opt-out penalty.

In cup matches in the second stage of the competition, penalties will be taken in case of a draw. Three (3) players from each team will alternately strike seven (7) meters with a strike within nine (9) meters. If the outcome is then one player from each team will alternately take penalties until the final winner, the penalty is always executed by a different player.

The semi-final game is played 2 x 15 minutes. In the case of a draw, extra time will be played 2 x 5 minutes, and if that is still a draw, the penalty will be awarded to win.

It is judged by the rules of the game for football, in accordance with these provisions, and what is not covered by these rules - it is judged by the rules of the Football Federation of Montenegro.



The team captain submits to the delegate a list of team members.

Individual placement is determined on the basis of the individual achievement of the competitor.

Team placement by discipline is determined by summing the results of all competitors.

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