The basketball team consists of 4 players - 3 are in the game and one is a replacement. The match lasts 20 minutes or until one team scores 16 points. If the game ends in a draw after 20 minutes, 4 players perform one throw each. If that is still a draw, teams alternately take one throw to the winner. The referee determines by coin which team will be the first to throw.

Throwing a coin determines the team that will get the ball first. Before each attack the ball must be touched by one of the opposing players, and before each shot on the basket the ball must be touched by all players from the same team. Each start of the action goes beyond the 6.75 line (3-point line). 

After each change of possession, the ball must be passed back behind the line by <three points>, otherwise the ball goes to the opposing team. After each scored point, the ball is awarded to the opposing team. If the basket is not made from the action, the team that was shooting, if it catches the ball again, has the right to continue the offense shooting to the basket, and if the ball is won by the opposing team, the ball is returned out of line <three points> before that team starts the offense. In case of a <dead ball> the ball is awarded to the team that was on defense.

Each throw in the basket is counted as one point, unless the basket is made off the line by three points when the goal is counted as two points. If the referee finds a deliberate delay in the offense, he warns the team, and if the team does not shoot within 10 seconds after the warning, he takes the ball away.

The team has no limit on the number of substitutes, and the change can only be made after the goal is scored or when the ball is out of play.

 Only the team captain can communicate with the referees.


  1. a) in the case of violent behavior, the team is disqualified from the games,
  2. b) intentional fouls are punished by a free throw and assigning the ball to a fouled team; if the same player makes two intentional fouls in one match, he or she will be excluded by the end of that match,
  3. c) when a player is fouled in a shot, he receives a free throw, and if the basket is made there is no extra free throw,
  4. d) after 7 fouls of the same team, each subsequent foul means one throw and a side kick for the fouled team.



The team captain submits to the delegate a list of team members.

Individual placement is determined on the basis of the individual achievement of the competitor.

Team placement by discipline is determined by summing the results of all competitors.

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